Recreation services provide a number of benefits to our community. These benefits help strengthen families, build healthy communities, improve the quality of life for Highland Region residents, provide the healthy development of children and provide leaders. Several key messages from the Benefits of Recreation Catalogue have been defined as:

Recreation is Essential to Personal Health

  • Recreation helps people live longer
  • Recreation prolongs independent living for seniors
  • Recreation and fitness significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
  • Recreation and fitness combat osteoporosis and diabetes
  • Recreation and fitness help in preventing types of cancers and rehabilitating back problems
  • Recreation and arts/culture contribute to mental health, enhance overall health and well-being
  • Recreation is a therapeutic tool – restoring physical, mental and social capacities and abilities

Recreation Builds Strong Families and Healthy Communities

  • Families that play together, stay together
  • Recreation provides safe developmental opportunities for the latch-key child
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture produce leaders who serve their communities in many ways
  • Recreation, sports and arts/culture build social skills and excite participation in community life
  • Recreation is often the catalyst that builds strong, self-sufficient communities
  • Arts/culture helps people understand their neighbours, their history and their environment
  • Recreation and arts/culture build pride in a community