Provincial Partners

Recreation Nova Scotia is a province wide not for profit organization that provides programs and services intended to enhance the capacity of its members to offer and deliver recreational opportunities that improve the quality of life for all Nova Scotians. Recreation Nova Scotia exists to lead, inspire and support Nova Scotians towards healthier futures throrough recreation experiences.

  • The NSOLD Program provides participants with the knowledge and training to become informed, more experienced outdoor leaders. This results in safer, more enjoyable and environmentally responsible experiences in our back country. All aspects of the program embrace the principles of experiential learning, environmental stewardship, accessibility by all, sound risk management and volunteerism.
  • The mission of the Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia is to provide leadership in developing, promoting and advocating excellence in recreational facilities, operations and personnel. Our commitment is: to promote and encourage the professional development of recreation facility personnel and provide opportunities for this development; to act as a unified voice for recreation facility personnel regarding issues affecting facilities and their management; to improve communication between facilities; and to promote the provision of high quality; and to promote the provision of high quality, safe recreation facilities.
  • Active Transportation (AT) is any human-powered, non-motorized travel. The term was first coined in 1994 and has grown in popularity ever since. Initially, AT focused on alternatives to cars for short trips. Today, the concept is much broader and appeals to a larger audience. What does Active Transportation in Nova Scotia look like?
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia provides healthy living information and supports policies and programs to help Nova Scotians be healthy and active. The Foundation is a recognized leader in linking community planning to improved health and has developed and delivered physical activity programs to help Nova Scotians get active each day.
  • The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to providing standards for quality fitness leadership in Nova Scotia. The NSFA provides nationally standardized training opportunities, certification and support to fitness leaders across the province and promotes wellness, active living and fitness. As a provincial member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance, fitness leaders trained through the NSFA receive the highest standard of fitness certification that is transferable to other provinces.
  • Community Health Boards serve a vital role in the well-being of their communities, helping support many community-based projects and partnerships. This includes providing grants to community-based groups to support their health promotion efforts. Community Health Boards also help to identify health priorities and provide advice to their local health authorities.
  • The Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health, is an Association that was formed on September 30, 1994. More than fifty (50) Recreation Professionals from all regions of Nova Scotia participated in the formation of this organization. N.S.R.P.H. allows for Recreation Professionals from around the province to communicate, network, share concerns and ideas, as well as advocate for the necessity and benefits of recreation in the health care system.
  • Doctors Nova Scotia is the professional association representing all physicians in the province. It also has the honour of being the oldest medical association in Canada. There are over 3,500 members in total. The membership includes practicing physicians, retired physicians, medical students and residents. Doctors NS strives to enhance the quality of health care and life for Nova Scotians and to serve its membership.