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As part of the Department of Canadian Heritage, Sport Canada works to advance sport within the context of Government of Canada priorities. Moreover, the Department is striving to establish Canada as a leading sport nation at home and abroad, where all Canadians and their communities enjoy, value and celebrate the benefits of active participation and excellence in sport. To achieve these goals, Sport Canada provides financial support through the following three programs: Athlete Assistance Program (AAP), Sport Support Program (SSP) and Hosting Program.  


Children’s Fitness Tax Credit allows parents to claim to a maximum of $500 per child the fees paid in 2011 relating to the cost of registering your or your spouse’s or common-law partner’s child in a prescribed program of physical activity.  


The Power of Sport for Kids program is a not-for-profit organization that provides children who don’t have access to sporting equipment the opportunity to play and enjoy sports and activities. We passionately believe in a child’s need to experience a healthy lifestyle and are engaged in giving back to the communities that we work and live in, through the donation of funds and sports equipment. In the last two years, the Power of Sport for Kids program raised over $1,000,000 through the generous donations of our customers, employees and vendors.  
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Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences: Calling all organizations, big and small! Are you hosting an event designed to educate and develop coaches in your community? The Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences program has grants available for organizations that bring coaches of community-based sports together under one roof to learn, train, and network with each other.
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The Women in Coaching Professional Development Grants are to assist women who are interested in a career in coaching by providing an opportunity to upgrade their education and certification. A grant allows the coach to participate in coaching seminars or conferences, attend major competitions, or consult with a recognized sport expert. A grant may also be used in combination with support from other cost-sharing partners to help coaches broaden the scope of their learning options.To be eligible, the coach must be certified at Level 3 of the National Coaching Certification Program and be an approved Level 4/5 candidate.
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SOGO Active is a national physical activity program that empowers youth, aged 13-19, to challenge themselves to solve the physical inactivity crisis in Canada. Sogo Active was developed by ParticipACTION, Coca-Cola Ltd. and an Advisory Committee of youth and organizations to create a youth-focussed physical activity movement, and to help young Canadians aged 13-19, by providing the support and resources they need to get more active in their own communities. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection for being a funding partner of this initiative. 


RBC After School Grant recipient programs offer a range of structured, supervised activities that encourage social skills and self-esteem. Activities such as computer instruction, sports, literacy tutoring, music and art lessons, nutrition guidance, and homework-help provide kids with opportunities to gain an area of competence outside of academics and benefit their self-esteem. Feedback from RBC-funded after-school programs serving almost 5,000 children and youth shows that 40 per cent of the programs report increased academic performance and improved social skills of their participants.
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Breakfast for Learning, Canadian Living Foundation is the only national non-profit organization which is solely dedicated to supporting child nutrition programs in Canada. We rely upon a volunteer board of directors, a small staff and thousands of volunteers to carry out our work. Breakfast for Learning does not own or operate any of the programs we support. All the programs are created and sustained by a network of dedicated volunteers, many of them parents of children participating in the nutrition programs.
Boni Green, Breakfast for Learning
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S’cool Life Fund believes every student in the public non-tuition elementary school system should be provided with opportunities to experience activities that make school life exciting, interesting and most importantly, FUN! The S’Cool Life Fund aims to become the largest non-governmental funding source in Canada of extra-curricular activities for students in public non-tuition elementary education, grades K-8. The S’cool life fund approves grants up to $10,000. in support of Drama, Recreation, Extra-Curricular, Arts, Music, or Sports. 
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